About us

SNAKE1NTHE3Y3 is a genderless contemporary jewellery brand founded by Puyu Liang in 2021. Our name is from a metaphor symbol,  ouroboros marking in the eye. It represents insist to create experimental, subtle and eternal artisan works for the brand.

All of SNAKE1NTHE3Y3 ‘s pieces are handcrafted by the designer and her team. The crafted jewellery is based on our designer‘s workshop. 

As a brand, we focus on the traditional jewellery handcrafted work and exploring the uses of the precious metal, stone and semi-precious stone. We are dedicated to using sustainable and long-lasting materials in the designs to guarantee that each piece is high quality.

Founder :

The designer based at London. Puyu graduated from the London College of Fashion, which impacted her insight into jewellery design. She decided to pursue more artwork created by living in the UK and studying at the Royal College of Art. One of her graduation works won the Bronze Award of the Fashion Jewelry Design Project of the Goldsmith Crafts and Design Council Award 2020. She was the winner of the International Chinese Aesthetic Diamond Ring Design Competition in 2018. 

Her creative works were featured in British fashion media Dazed Magazine, FuckingYoung Magazine, Open Magazine, etc. It was worn by music artists Mysie, Yungking Neco and Naomi Hedman. She also participated in exhibitions worldwide, such as Lovaas Gallery in Munich Jewelry Week, Sunny Art Central Gallery and Goldsmith Hall Central in London.